The North Face Goes on Expedition in Chad

Mountaineering and clothing outfitter The North Face has recently ratcheted up their presence in the retail market with an onslaught of primetime TV and magazine ads. But don’t think that this main stream presence will cause them to lose their credibility with the rock climbing crowd. Recently a team of The North Face sponsored athletes embarked on an amazing expedition to conquer a number of remote first ascents in the Chad desert. The group packed a pair of Toyota Land Cruiser Troopies (our vote for the best expedition vehicle ever) full of climbing and camping gear and headed out into the desert. Among the group was talented photographer and athlete Renan Ozturk who brought back some stunning images (left and below).

From the first dispatch:

After finishing our rather long drive, and getting our first glimpse of rock, we pulled into an amazingly shady spot on the back side of a giant brown rocky castle. Piero obviously knew of this spot from previous journeys as he came directly here, no detours or backtracks, simply straight to the point.

Having a guide in this place is essential and Piero’s endless knowledge is worth its weight in gold. This place is like a maze- a giant, spread out, incredibly open maze, that looks the same in every location, has perilous traps waiting to catch the unweary, and is hotter than hell for all hours of daylight …

Check out The North Face blog to read more about the expedition and see Renan’s full collection of amazing pictures.

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