Pangaea Expeditions could not exist without the sponsorship and support of countless people in the four wheeling and overlanding community. Check back soon for a more detailed list of those with whom we have partnered, as well as those who have helped us over the years.


Africa Overland

Graham Jackson and Connie Rodman have provided many hours of help to Pangaea, both on and off the trail. Their unwavering support- helping to "herd cats" on the trail and holding mischevious monkeys at bay while our clients enjoy morning game drives, has been instrumental in helping build Pangaea Expeditions into the organization that it is today. They perhaps are best known for their epic Africa Overland trip.


Expedition Pictures

Joshua White has accompanied Pangaea Expeditions on countless 4x4 trips and expeditions throughout the West. He is an Emmy award winning videographer who has a real talent of capturing the spirit of adventure through the lens of a video camera.


Expedition Portal

Expedition Portal is the online forum for expedition travelers and overland adventurers based in North America. Open to owners of all vehicles, the board members have an extensive knowledge base that they're more than happy to share with any who ask. It is also one of the more pleasant forums on the net, as the discourse tends to be very polite and free of the trolls and flame wars that are sadly typical of so many internet forums.


Expeditions west

Scott Brady is owner of Expeditions West, a vehicle dependent expedition company in Prescott, AZ. One of the early supporters of the overland vehicle movement in North America, Scott has helped to bring overland travel to the mainstream in the US though his extensive high profile stories and projects. He was also Nathan's teammate on the Outback Challenge Morocco.


Overland Journal

Overland Journal is a North American magazine dedicated to expedition travel and exploration. The magazine features travel stories, equipment reviews and conservation news. Click here to learn more.


Overland Training

Overland Training provides comprehensive educational programs to help train and enable adventurers to explore the globe. Their flagship product, Overland Certification, is a week-long course encompassing a complete curriculum for potential overland travelers covering driving, repair, logistics and much more. Click here to learn more.



Keith Kreutzer is the owner and fabricator at Rover Tracks. He's one of the most knowledgeable people in the Land Rover aftermarket industry, as well as a great guy to boot. Renowned almost as much for his skill behind the grill as for his creative fabrication, you'd do far worse than to buy product from him.



SynDiesel is a proprietary blend of synthetic manufactured diesel fuel. SynDiessel has a higher cetane rating and energy potential than "dino" diesel yielding more horsepower and increased mileage. With no sulfur content, biodiesel blends and a domestic renewable energy source, SynDiesel was the ideal fuel to power the Bio Bonatti project. Click here to learn more.




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