Grand Circle Expedition


The high desert plateau of the four corners region is a land of contrasts. A region that seems inhospitable is teeming with life and rife with history. The martian landscape bears the marks of more than a millennia of human civilization—ancient rock art is etched in the walls of deep ruddy slot canyons and long-abandoned pueblos cling tenaciously to towering mesas. The name of these historical inhabitants – the Anasazi – comes from a Navajo word meaning “the Ancient Ones,” and signs of their existence can be found across the desert.

Domes, hoodoos, fins, arches, goblins and reefs – otherworldly names which correspond to equally surreal rock formations – all are relics of the tumultuous and unique geologic history of this incredible land.

Pangaea Expeditions will embark on a six-day pre-scout expedition across some of the most varied, amazing and surreal scenery on the face of the earth, with highlights including camping at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Our expedition will kick off in Moab, Utah, and traverse the colorful canyonlands of Utah and Arizona, before ultimately finishing at the 2011 Overland Expo at the Amado Territory Ranch in Arizona.

Dates: March 26-31, 2011
Destinations: Moab, UT to Amado Ranch, Arizona
Trip Type: Pre-scout overland adventure

This expedition is a unique opportunity to accompany Pangaea on a pre-scout expedition. We will be truly exploring some of the most remote regions in the United States.


To find out more about this expedition, contact us at


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