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SEMA Show 2004

Las Vegas, NV


Click on any of the pictures below to view them at full size.

Cars, Chrome and Bikinis

2004 was Pangaea Expeditions' first time out to the SEMA show in Vegas. What can be said about this show other than "Wow!" As I understand it, this year's show was not particularly spectacular from a 4x4 standpoint. There were very few purpose built 4x4s in attendance, most were obviously just show vehicles with too much chrome and few practical mods. Despite that, SEMA is still quite a spectacle to take in. For a gearhead or car enthusiast, the show is quite an experience.The chance to see rare and exotic cars is unparalleled. Concept cars to vintage racers, Smart Car to Ferrari and everything in between are represented at the SEMA show.

The SEMA show is THE trade show of the year for the automotive aftermarket industry. From wheels and tires to wiring looms, stereos and car wax, if it has to do with cars, chances are it is here. By all accounts, the SEMA show is massive. It takes up all four halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, it spills out into the parking lots and it even fills the nearby Sands Convention Center at the Venetian Hotel. Estimated annual attendance for the show is about 180,000.

A small portion of the Wheels and Tires Hall.

Hummer H2 with WAAAY too much chrome.

The new Ford Mustang was the official SEMA vechicle, with numerous tricked out examples on display.

There was a shortage of Land Rovers in attendance at the show. There were quite a few of the 3rd generation Range Rovers with big chrome dubs in the wheels and tires section. Outside of that, all that we noticed was a G4 Challenge LR3 and a Freelander in the International Pavilion area.

One of the many "pimped out" Range Rovers.

A 1st generation Freelander.

G4 Challenge LR3 in the Ford area.

The week before SEMA, we had the opportunity to test drive the new LR3 at Land Rover Flatirons (thanks, Kirby). I was duly impressed. It iis an amazing vehicle- perky on road (downright fast by LR standards), handles great, and seems really capable off-road. Having driven one, I can say that it's truly an incredible vehicle, albeit too much electronic stuff to be seriously considered for expedition use.

The G4 LR3 was built to emphasize the off-road capabilities of Land Rover's newest arrival. Overall, I the best that I can say is that the vehicle is OK. Eye catching to look at from a distance, but nothing too special up close. The rear ladder is nicely designed, a clever solution for roof rack access given the split rear door problem. The roof rack is mediocre, I can't see a plastic rack being able to withstand the rigors of serious expedition use.

Sadly, the snorkel on LR3 was very disappointing. In addition to not being aesthetically pleasing, the craftsmanship was poor, even by prototype standards.

LR3 rear access ladder

LR3 roof rack.

The dubious LR3 snorkel.


There was a wide variety of 4x4s on display. From the Pink Jeep Tours TJ to purpose built Baja race trucks, and even "monster" trucks there were 4x4s to suit every taste.

A full-size Baja Trophy truck.

Jeeep TJ on Mattracks

A Jeep from Sedona, AZ's Pink Jeep Tours

The Turtle Expedition Ford Super Duty Truck.

A bank of Hella 4000 HIDs on a Baja race truck.

The dubious LR3 snorkel.

A Honda Element that has jumped on the adventure bandwagon.

An outfitted Nissan Xterra.

Xterra with Skid Row rear tire carrier.

It's nice to see some show trucks not all buffed and shiney.

A pristinely restored Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser.

A unique front windshield on a Jeep CJ. A great idea for game viewing and photography.

The outdoor rock crawling park in the SEMA parking lot.

A Pike's Peak Hill Climb race truck.

A Range Rover model collectible with big Dub wheels.

The Maya Hunter, Toyota Tacoma pick up truck.

Fox Racing Shox rock buggy.

Fox Shox product lineup.

New Stuff

There wasn't much in the way of new products that caught our eye this year. However, one thing that stood out was the new BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM. We asked the BFG guys and were informed that the BFG Mud tire is due for a serious overhaul next year. What appeared at the SEMA show was a prototype, which is expected to be slightly different from the final production tire to be released in the middle of 2005. At first glance, it looks like a BFG Krawler T/A, but under close inspection some minor differences can be seen- the side walls are less extreme and there is a bit more tread void when compared next to the Krawler.

Tire life from the new Mud Terrain is expected to be similar to that of the current generation BFG MT.

Hella had a couple of new products as well, including a new waterproof light based on the 1000FF housing. They also announced a Rallye 4000 compact light, which is about 30 percent smaller than the current 4000, but with the same light output.

Prototype BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain.

The next-generation BFG M/T prototype tire.

The similarly designed BFG Krawler T/A.

Rally Cars

In addition to 4x4s, we're huge fans of WRC. The SEMA show failed to disappoint on this aspect. Spotted throughout the show were numerous examples of the WRC derived Subaru WRX STi, Mitsu Evolutions, a Euro-spec Cotsworth powered Focus RS, and even Colin McRae's competition Focus.

Colin McRae's WRC Ford Focus.

The WRC focus features the Camel Trophy style bonnet pins.

Subaru WRX STi.


A Mitsubishi Evolution VII.


Exotics and Concept Cars

As would be expected with a car and accessory show of this magnitude, there was no shortage of exotics and concept cars. In the wheels and tire section, there were plenty of Bentley's and Rolls Royces, while elsewhere there was a fine collection of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotuses and Skyline GT-Rs.

Lamborghini Gallardo.

Nissan Skyline GT-R.

The Ford GR-1, a concept car based on the classic Shelby Daytona.

Pontiac Crawford prototype LeMans race car.

Ford Shelby Cobra prototype.

Lotus Elise

Ferarri 360 Spyder.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

Saleen S7 from the movie Bruce Almighty.

The new Ford GT.

Factory Five Shelby Daytona replica kit car.

A Nissan Skyline GT-R on display in the BFG area. The paint job is all one color, but shifts under the light.

A replica of James Dean's ill-fated Porsche 550 Spyder.

Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle, a 500 HP motorcycle with a theoretical top speed of 400 mph.

A Rousch Recing tuned Ford GT.

Sports Cars

There was no shortage of sports cars in attendance at the SEMA show. Since the new Ford Mustang was the "official" car of the show, a number of tuners had heavily modified examples on display. There were also vehicles from vintage Shelby Cobras and GT-350s to Pontiac GTOs. Also throughout the week, the TV show Overhaulin' was taping an episode. The vehicle was a 1970 Ford Mustang that was completely fixed up in just a few short days.

Ford Mustang GT-R Mach 1 concept car.

Ford Saleen Mustang

Vintage Pontiac GTO

Ford Mustang race car

Overhaulin's TV set

Volvo XC90 PUV

Smart Car

Ford Mustang 3dCarbon

A new Ford Mustang alongside a vintage Shelby GT-350.

Drifting Exhibition

Yokohama Tires sponsored an event designed to highlight tire performance. In the "race track" area between two of the halls, they set up a cone track consisting of a straightaway, slalom, a series of hairpin turns, followed by a skid pad. Various vehicles from a RWD Ford Focus to a Skyline GT-R were put through there paces on the course.

Skyline GT-R on the skidpad.

The GT-R navigates the slalom section.

GT-R on the skidpad

Ford Mustang Cobra on the skidpad.

Mini Cooper on the skidpad

GT-R smokes tires on the skidpad.

These pictures defy categorization. From "what were they thinking?" modifications to the famous girls of SEMA.

A strangely modified Mini Cooper- it has been converted into a one seater with an inexplicable split front window.

A Hummer H2 that was "slammed" to the ground and fitted with huge Dubs and chrome.

At a booth for custom imprinted duct tape, the girls wore dresses made entirely of duct tape.

At the Disc Brakes Australia boot, a cross section of a vented DBA rotor is displayed.

The Pirelli girls in front of a Lamborghini.

Sunset over Vegas.









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