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Ft. Hood, Texas

Fort Hood is a sprawling military base located in the Hill Country north of Austin, Texas. The base owns a large tract of land, which during the late 90s and early 2000s was open to civilians for four-wheeling and limited hunting use. Below is a collection of pictures from various outings to Ft. Hood during 1997 and 1998.


Click on any of the images below to view them at full size.


Dustin Hindman's XD and Nathan's D90 after a muddy weekend at Ft. Hood.

Nathan's D90 splashes through a muddy tank trap.

Frasier Goulay of the Houston Land Rover club descends a rock ledge.

K.C. Carpenter's D90 suffers the consequences of missing the proper line while straddling a gulley.

K.C. D90 from the back side.

One of the cardinal rules of four wheeling, you get stuck, you have to dig it out. Nathan prepares to hook up the tow strap before the muddy water seeps in the Discovery.

K.C Carpenter and Kim Mitchell pause on the trail for a quick photo op.

Joe Salazar and Nathan check in at Fort Hood, and prepare for a day of four wheeling.

Kim Mitchell sinks her Discovery to the frame in a stream. This occoured just minutes after recovering her vehicle from...

...a muddy sink hole that swallowed the left side of her truck. Oddly, when pulling her truck out of the mud, a random hubcap came out of the mud with it.










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