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London, England to Cape town, South Africa
part 4- Botswana and South Africa

Botswana photos by Brian Slobe

1 - USA, England to Mauritania

2 - Mali to Congo

3 - Angola & Namibia

4 - Botswana & South Africa


After driving through Namibia, the group traveled to their penultimate country, Botswana. This friendly stable country is considered by many to be the model of a properly functioning democracy on the continent. The northern part of the country is unique in that it features the worlds only inland delta, the Okavango Delta. It is here that a giant river starting in Angola empties out into the Kalahari plains. The result is a lush fertile land capable of sustaining a huge variety of plant and animal life. The group was joined by professional photographer Brian Slobe, and his wife, who have kindly lent us the majority of the Botswana photographs.

South Africa

Sadly, all great adventures must eventually come to an end, and so it is with Graham and Connie's trek across Africa. After 8 months on the road, they finally arrived in their final country of South Africa. Here, Connie's parents flew out to join them as they visited the world famous Kruger National Park. Then, for the sake of completion, they drove south to Cape Agulhas, and the southernmost tip of Africa. From there, they packed their 110 into a container and shipped it back to the US.









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